Adrian Fu (Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan) TOPLINER

Having started his songwriting career during his university days, Adrian was signedby renowned independent production company “Workingmaster” as an in-house composer. Since then he has written numerous tunes for Asian superstar Eason Chan, including among others, “We Are Both Lonely”, “The Rings of Saturn”, “The Road...Has Always Been Here”. 
In particular, “We Are Both Lonely” has been a personal favorite of Eason Chan’s, and is broadly considered as one of the most important and influential songs of Chinese pop music during the 2000s. In 2004, the song received the award from The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan as a 10 top single of the year. 
On the back of commercial success as a songwriter, under the guidance from Working Master, Adrian expanded beyond his behind-the-scenes capacity and started writing, recording and performing his own music. Starting from 2008, Adrian also became closely involved in the TV and movie industry and wrote and performed theme songs for various popular Taiwanese TV series such as “Hot Shot”, and “In A Good Way”, and theme song “Love You More Than Anyone” for the hit movie “The Fierce Wife”. 
In 2014, he finally fulfilled his aspirations and released his debut album, “Good Morning, Hard City”. The album was an artistic success and earned him the nomination of Best New Artist at the 26th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. Having focused most of his music efforts in Taiwan and greater China, Adrian decided to “return to his roots” in Hong Kong; in 2016, he joined Universal Music Hong Kong as a recording artist so he may also bring his talents to the Cantonese pop music market. 
Freya Lim - Wounded Adrian Fu - Good Morning, Hard City Eason Chan – We Are both Lonely 
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